Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga


Hatha yoga derives its name from the Sanskrit words for sun and moon, and it’s designed to balance opposing forces.

Find balance in your body and mind as we link breath with movement in this traditional hatha class. A mix of asana (poses), pranayama breathing exercises, and meditation, True Hatha is designed to help your relax and calm your autonomic nervous system.

During a class, you can expect to hold each pose for between five and 10 breaths, with a strong focus on stability and building strength. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, you’ll build the foundations of breath and body awareness needed for all other styles.

Good for:

Improving sleep, reducing stress, and enhancing mindfulness.

Why do this class?

Great opportunity to relax and calm the body and mind and improve your technique on foundation poses.

Who might like it:

Anyone looking for a balanced practice, or those in search of a gentler type of yoga.

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